Valenta BPO Business Process Outsource Franchise Opportunity

Valenta BPO Business Process Outsource Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Units
  • Canadian N/A
  • USA N/A
  • International N/A
  • Corporate 8
Franchise Fee
  • Starting From $50000
Start Up Required
  • Starting From N/A
Total Investment
  • Starting From $71850
In Business Since
  • N/A
Franchising Since
  • N/A

Valenta BPO is a multi-faceted company that provides outsourced staffing solutions globally for a number of businesses across verticals. Our unique franchise model has our franchise owners focusing exclusively on growing their franchise while Valenta takes care of all operations. The flexibility offered by this allows our franchise owners to initially develop their franchises part-time until it becomes profitable enough to make the switch to working full-time. This combined with a globally proven business model and low start-up costs are just some of the reasons that make us one of the most exciting business opportunities around.

Although by no means a new concept, the outsourcing industry began to grow in earnest in the mid 1990s and early 2000s thanks largely in part to the internet boom. Since then the industry has seen rapid growth from $45.6 billion in 2000 to $88.9 billion in 2017, practically doubling in size in less than 2 decades.  This upward trend shows no signs in slowing down as more and more businesses are looking at outsourcing as a way for them to become more competitive.

Outsourcing: We help businesses identify tasks/processes they can outsource and offer them dedicated full time or part time staff at our offices in India and Malaysia.

Consulting: We work with businesses to identify process and technology improvements within their business, design and implement effective solutions.

CRM: We developed Nuclear CRM, which is a great any business (big or small). We work with businesses looking at implementing a CRM or reviewing their current CRM

What We Offer:

·         Hands on training

·         IT support

·         Marketing support

·         Access to our team of experts

·         Quarterly one on one business

·         Planning sessions

·         Cutting edge technology

·         Multiple revenue streams

·         Annual conference

Why Choose Valenta:

·         Our franchise offering is cost-effective and affordable compared with several other offers.

·         We design and manage all operations and the franchise owner focuses exclusively on business growth and client relationships.

·         Client servicing and implementation will be handled completely by our team at Valenta. The franchise owner would only have to interact with the client from time to time if necessary in order to reinforce the relationship.

·         Issues such as ofifce space, recruitment and staffing will be handled by us at Valenta.

·         It is not necessary for the franchise owner to give up their current job/ engagements immediately to build the franchise.

·         The Valenta franchise can start off as a part-time initiative and the owner can take it up as a full time activity once there is significant business growth and profit.

·         We have in place a globally-proven business and one that is successfully working in the UK, US and Australia.