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RedSky Electric Bikes & Scooters Retail Franchise Opportunity
RedSky Electric Bikes & Scooters Retail Franchise Opportunity
RedSky Electric Bikes & Scooters Retail Franchise Opportunity

RedSky Electric Bikes & Scooters Retail Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Units
  • Canadian N/A
  • USA N/A
  • International N/A
  • Corporate N/A

Franchise Fee
  • Starting From $69,000
Liquid Capital Required
  • Starting From $99,000
Total Investment
  • Starting From $99,000
In Business Since
  • 2018
Franchising Since
  • N/A

Red Sky is owned and operated in Canada since 2016. We strive to be at the forefront of affordable Micro mobilities products that are demanded in the 21st century and that our customers are excited to use. With our exceptional customer service and enormous love from our loyal customers, we managed to open 4 new locations. 


Why Own A RedSky Store?

Growing Demand: With more and more people looking for alternative modes of transportation to reduce their carbon footprint and avoid traffic congestion, the demand for electric scooters is growing rapidly.

Easy to Operate: Operating an electric scooter franchise is relatively simple, requiring only basic knowledge of charging and maintenance. No extensive technical expertise is needed.

Low Investment Cost: Compared to other types of franchises, starting an electric scooter franchise requires a relatively low investment cost.

High-Profit Margin: With relatively low operating costs and growing demand for electric scooters, franchisees can potentially generate high-profit margins.

Flexible Business Model: Electric scooter franchises can be operated in a variety of ways, including rental services or sales of scooters and related accessories. This provides flexibility to franchisees in terms of how they want to structure their business.

Environmentally-Friendly: Electric scooters are a more environmentally-friendly mode of transportation than traditional gas-powered vehicles.

Innovative Technology: Electric scooters use cutting-edge technology, including smart batteries and connectivity features. 

Convenient Transportation: Electric scooters provide a convenient mode of transportation for short trips and can be used in urban areas where parking and traffic can be a challenge.

Fun and Easy to Use: Riding an electric scooter can be a fun and exhilarating experience, and many people enjoy the freedom and ease of use that electric scooters provide.

Community Impact: Electric scooter franchises can have a positive impact on local communities by providing a green and convenient transportation option.


With A-Z franchise support and services, high-quality products with a high level of quality control, and a well-recognized brand in Canada and the US, owning your own I an easy decision. 

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