Peel HR Staffing Agency
Peel HR Staffing Agency
Peel HR Staffing Agency

Peel HR Staffing Agency

Attention Business Owners We Are An Award Winning HR & Staffing Agency


Peel HR is a dedicated company you can trust and depend on. Tapping into our resources goes beyond just finding the right candidate to complete the job. It enables your organization to effectively save time and money. We offer vast services to make your organization into an efficient business.

When you choose Peel HR as your staffing partner, we manage all the administration and costs you would normally associate with staffing. This gives you the advantage of saving money that would normally be spent on recruitment, training, and payroll arrangements. We conduct a profile on your companies staffing trends, we tailor our advertising to recruit people you want to join your team.

When you require multiple employees for your organization, Peel HR has a team leader program that ensures the candidates are always being productive. This program is provided to your company at no extra cost.


Services Provided

- Recruiting                           - Labor & Human Relations

- Training                               - Payroll & Administration

- Vacation Pay                    - Termination

- Severance                          - Full-Time Placements

- Sick Leave                          - Consulting


We have candidates that are ready to work for you, we specialize in providing seasonal, ongoing or contract basis in a variety of employment categories


Recruiting For Industries

- Shipping & Receiving                         - Food and Beverage       

- Order Picking                                           - Skilled Labor

- Manufacturing                                       - Sorting

- Forklift Operators                                 - Packaging

- Inventory Management                  - Assembly Work 

- Welders                                                       - Drivers         

- Clerical Help                                            - Administration


One of the key success factors that our organization is established on is ensuring our employees are well equipped with the knowledge of health and safety in the workplace. We ensure that our health and safety program meet the requirements for all our clients and consists of:

1) Health and Safety education        2) Training and Development

3) Ongoing Support                                   4) COVID Safety and Screening


Deal With Peel, Your Staffing Partner For Life


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