Patriot Broadband Telecommunications Franchise Opportunity

Patriot Broadband Telecommunications Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Units
  • Canadian N/A
  • USA N/A
  • International N/A
  • Corporate 1
Franchise Fee
  • Starting From $29900
Start Up Required
  • Starting From $29900
Total Investment
  • Starting From $44950
In Business Since
  • 2016
Franchising Since
  • 2019
  •  SEE USA

Patriot Broadband is an internet service provider (ISP) servicing home, business, schools and more. Patriot Broadband gives you high speed internet access that is reliable and secure. You can do what you love online, work, stream videos, communicate with family, friends and much more. Our locations are independently owned and operated.

More than 100 Million Americans don’t have access to traditional high-speed internet. According to the FCC over 30 percent of Rural Americans don’t have access to internet that meets the minimum standard for “Broadband”.  As a result: businesses, families, and schools across the country struggle to keep up with the demands of daily life. When government and corporations struggle to fix the problem, Patriots step up and get the job done. We will give you all the information you need to decide that Patriot Broadband is the perfect investment for you – and then walk you through each step of purchase and build out.

Before you open your franchised business, we will provide an initial training program. This training will include professional licenses, certifications, or other training you must possess and/or complete before you can operate the Franchised Business.

After the opening of the franchised business, we will offer you guidance and/or training. We offer you advice and guidance on a variety of business matters, including sales techniques, operational methods, accounting procedures, as well as marketing and sales strategies.