Mint Condition Franchise for Sale
Mint Condition Franchise for Sale
Mint Condition Franchise for Sale

Mint Condition Franchise for Sale

Franchise Units
  • Canadian N/A
  • USA 10
  • International N/A
  • Corporate N/A

Franchise Fee
  • Starting From $84,000
Liquid Capital Required
  • Starting From N/A
Total Investment
  • Starting From $115,556
In Business Since
  • 1987
Franchising Since
  • 2015

The commercial cleaning industry has continued to grow to over $100 billion dollars annually, despite the recent economic downturn. Leading the recession-proof industry is Mint Condition, the 47th fastest growing franchise in America. With cleaning services largely fragmented in most areas, a Mint Condition Master Franchisee can quickly establish our blend of quality cleaning and customer service into their desired market.


Mint Condition Franchise for Sale

  • Multiple Profit Centers. The majority of your revenue will come through customer service contracts, but you will also generate profits from recruiting new franchisees as well as training and certifying them in special periodic cleaning services.
  • Low Startup Costs & Overhead. Mint Condition’s affordable Master Franchise fees begin at as little as $63,000. We are the lowest Master franchise opportunity in this category. Easily and efficiently scaleable.
  • Fast Ramp-Up. Mint Condition has a telemarketing call center to assist you as you get your business off the ground. This allows you time to develop your own telemarketing staff.
  • Cutting-Edge Sales Solutions. Only Mint Condition Master Franchisees are entitled to our Bidding and Estimation Software, an innovative program that allows you to customize an accurate and efficient solution for your customers.
  • Recession Resistant. The commercial cleaning industry continually grows in all economic landscapes. Businesses will always need their offices cleaned, regardless of the economy.
  • Territory Exclusivity. When you open a master franchise in your chosen territory, the city is for you and your designated franchisees only. You will not have to compete with any other Mint Condition franchise: the possibilities for expansion are endless! Our minimum territory is one million population.
  • A professional working environment with reasonable hours of operation.
  • Predictable monthly income.
  • “Green” cleaning systems.

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