Growth Hacks and Communication Revolutionaries Data law innovators!

We are looking for distributors in Canada and the USA

The Logic Document Brand has been a labour of love for its founding and fellow creative members. Established in 2010 the consulting brand has grown from small, humble beginnings to become a global market consultancy specializing in the data law arena. Covering areas from the UK, North America, Canada, Brazil and beyond. Wherever you are based in the world you will probably be impacted by the GDPR, which is considered the world's strongest set of data laws, which place limits and regulations on how organizations inform consumers and employees alike on how they collect and process personal data. The Logic Document brand will not only look at the various processes required by the global data laws, but will also become that brand's Growth Hacks looking at innovative and inspiring ways to revolutionize the routes and smash the barriers down to effective communication. This is a unique, creative process which will allow the brand to integrate seamlessly into daily operation of any business, corporation, leading worldwide brand and individuals. Logic Document provides custom data protection solutions for leading worldwide brands, offering services ranging from secure records management, data law consultancy, to supplying Data Protection Officers and compliance teams. These services are tailored around the customers’ needs; this is unique in its process and allows us to integrate our applications seamlessly into their daily operations.

Services include:

·         GDPR Certification

·         PIPEDA

·         California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)

·         Training Workshops

What you will receive:

·         A tried and tested business model

·         Supported client acquisition approach

·         Intensive training and on-going support from our support team

·         Unrestricted territory in Canada, with limited distributors. Following the data flow can lead to other countries!

·         Website and CRM

·         Advantage of the early adopter price, don’t delay! We anticipate a large number of enquiries for this exciting business.

This is a new brand to North America, with large accounts already in place!