Low Mortgage Rates Available For All Mortgage Types

There are over 100 Types of Financial Institutions that can offer you a mortgage. We can help you find out what your options are!

Can you house help you expand financially? Find out if you qualify to use the equity in your home to purchase more real estate investment porperties.

Our experience has taught us that no two homebuyers are alike. Whether self-employed, retired or even immigrants that are new to Canada, everyone has their own individual set of circumstances.

When you work with an InTrend Mortgage Inc, you can rest assured we’ll put this experience to work finding you the right mortgage for you at the lowest possible rates – no matter what your unique needs are.

InTrend Mortgage agents can help with any mortgage type:

·      Home Mortgages

·      Mortgage Refinancing

·      2nd & 3rd Mortgages

·      Investment Property Mortgages

·      Lines of Credit

·      Commercial Land Financing

·      Construction Financing Loans

·      Mortgage Renewals

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