Grand 7th Convenience Store Franchise Opportunity
Grand 7th Convenience Store Franchise Opportunity
Grand 7th Convenience Store Franchise Opportunity

Grand 7th Convenience Store Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Units
  • Canadian N/A
  • USA N/A
  • International N/A
  • Corporate 4

Franchise Fee
  • Starting From $19,900
Liquid Capital Required
  • Starting From $200,000
Total Investment
  • Starting From $340,300
In Business Since
  • 1995
Franchising Since
  • 2018
  •  SEE USA

Owning your own Grand 7th is beneficial for everyone involved! Because our innovative concept revolves around utilizing the products and services of our local economy, every Grand 7th location offers a unique experience in convenience!

By partnering with local vendors, Grand 7th stocks each location with a diverse array of products that will differ from each of our locations! Utilizing a local market for products means consumers can enjoy a larger selection of healthier and environmentally friendly goods. Offering an extensive list of products that reflect the values of the surrounding community bolsters the local economy and invites entrepreneurs to use Grand 7th as a platform for their endeavors!

The biggest advantage of owning a Grand 7th is the flexibility of our concept. Franchisees have the freedom to sublease a space in their store for several different services like mail and storage lockers, food vendors, that will attract more customers to your location! Other potential revenue streams include obtaining a pharmacy in approved locations.

Convenience stores in the U.S. rake in about $650 billion in total sales each year. Here are some statistics that back up why investing in a Grand 7th franchise is both ideal for your community and your bank account!

In 2017, the accumulated sales of malt beverages, beer, hot dispensed beverages, and frozen dispensed beverages garnered the convenience industry a whopping $30 billion dollars!

  • 160 million people visit a convenience store each day in the United States
  • Some stores see a 17% surge in profits during the prime traveling window each year.
  • Millennials spend 11% of their food and beverage budget each year at their local convenience stores. 87% are more likely to order food at the closest location to their home between the hours of 10pm-2am.
  • 95% of the customers who go to their local convenience store to purchase a lottery ticket will also buy at least one other item during their visit. Almost half of all the lottery tickets sold in the United States are through the convenience store industry.

Although the price profile of items at convenience stores are higher than other food and beverage locations, customers do see value in the ease of accessibility. Hot breakfasts, fresh coffee, and alcohol products tend to be the most common items purchased at the typical location. Location is the primary factor for profitability today. Destinations along long-distance highways include restaurants, showers, and other home conveniences which add to their profit margins too. Expect the convenience store industry to keep setting new records in the coming years!

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