Foxy Box Wax Bar Franchise Opportunity
Foxy Box Wax Bar Franchise Opportunity
Foxy Box Wax Bar Franchise Opportunity

Foxy Box Wax Bar Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Units
  • Canadian 2
  • USA N/A
  • International N/A
  • Corporate 2
Franchise Fee
  • Starting From $40000
Start Up Required
  • Starting From $133850
Total Investment
  • Starting From $133850
In Business Since
  • N/A
Franchising Since
  • N/A

Why a Wax Bar Franchise

The Wax Bar is a quickly emerging popular Franchise to invest in. The concept is fairly new which means there is a large market to cater to, with less competition than that of a food and beverage franchise, and it’s based on built-in repeat business (hair grows back)! According to research from IBISWorld, the personal waxing and salon industry grew an average of 7.6 percent annually between 2010 and 2015. The value of the global hair removal market amounted to 880.2 million dollars in 2017 and is expected to rise to about 1.35 billion U.S. dollars by 2022 which is a 9% Compound Annual Growth Rate.

Why a Foxy Box Wax Bar Franchise?


The Foxy Box business model is easy to follow and scalable, providing our Foxy Bosses with incredible potential for growth and profitability! Armed with our proprietary Foxy Box Waxing Technique and our Magnetic Vibe and Tribe, our franchise partners get all the training and resources needed to provide a fast, fun and affordable service to their clients, in order to grow their business quickly with minimal risk!


Our company was founded on the belief that feeling Foxy is not a luxury, but a basic human right, and we want to share this value with the world! We don’t see waxing just as a means of hair removal… we see it as a way of helping women feel powerful in their skin. This is the Foxy effect. We infuse this message in all our marketing, in a fresh authentic voice that women of all ages respond to! From our logo, to our marketing campaigns, to our website: we stand out, in the best way possible.

· Your Location: Our dedicated real estate team will help you find the perfect space for your shop. Once we’ve found the right location, we’ll help you negotiate your lease.

· Your Shop: Our experienced team at headquarters will be the main point of contact for your architect and contractor. Our detailed Look and Feel book will make your build out as simple as possible. From design to construction, we’re there every step of the way to help make your shop Foxy!

· Your Team: We’ll train all of your initial hires, so that when you’re ready to open your doors, you’ll have a dream team of Vagicians and rockstar Front Desk babes kickin’ butt and takin’ names! We also equip you with all the skills and resources you’ll need to provide effective ongoing leadership to your staff.

· Your Marketing: You’ll have access to solid gold marketing collateral from the funnest brand on the block. At Foxy Box we are deeply dedicated to providing authentic and inclusive messaging in our marketing, while also having a fresh voice and a sense of humour. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to market your new location in a fun, foxy way.

· Your Numbers: We’ll teach you everything you need to know about business management, from day to day operations, to budgeting and financial planning and everything in between!

· Your Support Network: As a franchise system, our successes are intrinsically linked. This means that we are 100% committed to keeping your business successful and profitable! You’ll get all of our amazing educational material and manuals, ongoing training and support, and our accelerated growth formula!