F45 Fitness Franchise Opportunity
F45 Fitness Franchise Opportunity
F45 Fitness Franchise Opportunity

F45 Fitness Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Units
  • Canadian N/A
  • USA 1240
  • International N/A
  • Corporate N/A

Franchise Fee
  • Starting From $50,000
Liquid Capital Required
  • Starting From $100,000
Total Investment
  • Starting From $313,200
In Business Since
  • 2012
Franchising Since
  • 2013
  •  ALL USA

Founded in 2012, in the heart of Australia, F45 Training is a global fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results-driven. The ‘F’ stands for functional training, a mix of HIIT and circuit based training, and the ‘45’ stands for the amount of time our members spend doing our heart-pumping workouts. 

We take group training to a new level, with high-intensity workouts that are designed to both challenge and empower our members in their daily lives. Our database of thousands of exercises allows us to create an almost endless amount of different programmed training sessions, keeping the workouts fresh and innovative. 

Our focus on being innovators in the fitness industry has set us apart from the competition. We have put an emphasis on creating a forward thinking training program that continues to evolve, ensuring our members stay engaged over time. Every time our members set foot in our studios, they will be submerged in an innovative environment with our various aspects of patented technology. Such innovations include F45 Lionheart, our heart-rate monitoring system, or our F45TV’s, which is an easy way for our members to stay on track during their workout. 

Our group training sessions are more than workout classes to our members; they are a community. We take pride in our ability to bring people together to focus on their health and wellness for 45-minutes a day, and connect through an invigorating, one-of-a-kind workout. 

Not only does F45 provide clients with a premium fitness experience through our pioneering training systems, but we also offer franchisees a unique business opportunity in the fitness industry.  F45 sets itself apart with a proprietary business model for franchisees. We are a dynamic and ever-evolving leader in innovation across the health and fitness industry, offering a unique opportunity that is driven by quality, reputation, and convenience.

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