This is a pre-construction commercial condominium project in which you have the opportunity to leverage your existing pre-construction investment knowledge, with the added benefits only found in commercial real estate investing. 

Exactly the same as residential pre-construction investment in the way of deal structure; you have added incentives.  Extended deposits over three years, capped development charges, controlled closing adjustments and the ability to assign the deal should you need or want to. 

The benefits of Commercial Real Estate are easy to see.  It is a far more stable asset class, as the tenant typically is a business or entity that is not as easily compromised as a residential tenant. No Management, No Evictions.  The tenant, in this case, is a multi-million dollar retirement home operator that manages ELEVEN retirement homes in Ontario today. 

The tremendous benefit of this deal is in the fact that you are buying a unit and entering into a Triple Net Management Agreement where the operator will be paying your property taxes, condo fees, and insurance. You literally have zero carrying costs which results in a cash flow positive investment.

On this specific investment, not only do you know in advance who your tenant is; you know how qualified they are, their experience, as well as the fact that they will be in a position to exit you from the investment within 12 months of your closing, and MAXIMIZE your ROI.  This exit would provide you with a 40% return on investment in its entirety, or 18% per annum if you take into account the time value of money.

The bottom line; this is a 100% PASSIVE investment.  It is a stable investment. 

You know exactly what your costs are, and that you are cash flow positive from day 1 of your investment  

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$ 2,500,000