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Michael Hohnjec

Michael Hohnjec MBH Associates

MBH & Associates

MBH & Associates - Canada - Ontario - Acton

Franchise Consultant - Corporate Development - Area/Site Selection - Re-Franchising - Joint Ventures - Acquisitions & Mergers

Michael Hohnjec Listings

Southwestern Ontario- Very Successful Breakfast/Lunch Grill - $500K EBITDA

Ontario, Canada

Burlington North- Boston Pizza- opportunity won't last!!!

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Richmond Hill -Fionn MacCools Coming soon!!- deal pending

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Kingston D.T. Fionn MacCool's- fantastic opportunity

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

AJAX- Shoeless Joes New Conversion Triple AAA location....... half the cost of brand new build!!

AJAX, Ontario, Canada

Richmond Hill -Shoeless Joe's East Beaver Creek Dining and Entertainment Complex- New Build

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Big Smoke Burger Markham........just reduced!

Mrkham, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa D.T. to include Kanata, Moncton - MILESTONES

Kanata, to include Ottawa D.T., Moncton - MILESTONES

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Moncton, to include Ottawa D.T, Kanata- MILESTONES

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