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Aza Moin Business Consultant

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I have an extensive background in business consultant and valuation. Prior to coming on a board with Liberty Business Advisors I was business Consultant. I understand the need of the buyer and know how to value the business so the seller can ask for the right price and the buyer gets a fair deal. I know the key to a good deal is that both buyer and seller be happy with their final decision. I know how to package a business to be qualify for SBA financing, this way the buyer can put minimum cash down and seller will end up with all cash in his hand when the transaction is close. If you are the seller and want to know how much you can get for your business in today’s market give me a call, I will do a free valuation of your business and talk with you about different ways to exit with highest profit. If you have a big Capital gain issue and worry about selling your business, I can show you and help you. My dear seller, life is too short, sell your business and “Live your dream before it is too late!”

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